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As Promised two years earlier, Cadillac brought to limited production their Eldorado Brougham Motorama dream car. The realization of a life's long ambition for dream car designer "Harley Earl". The hyper-luxurious Brougham was described by Cadillac management as the most advanced auto ever built and a mirror of things to come, the worlds newest and most exclusive auto. It is still the most complex auto ever offered to the American public with features not yet found on today's cars. This hand built milestone, with its timeless styling, left no doubt in the public's mind as to who was the king of the luxury car market.

The price for this car in 1957 was a staggering $13,500 making it the most expensive American car ever. Even more staggering was the $23,000 it cost Cadillac to build each one, resulting in much red ink for Cadillac. All this in the days when you could buy the top of the line regular Cadillac, Biarritz Convertible for $6,500 or a Rolls Royce Saloon for about $9,000!

These chariots were typically owned by movie stars, wealthy industrialist, a gangster or two, and the ultra wealthy. For your money, you took delivery of the most opulently equipped car ever to come out of Detroit. Complete with such items as a ladies compact, magnetized drinking cups, cigarette case, lipstick holder, beveled mirror, note pad, lambskin carpet, and a perfume atomizer filled with Arpege de Lavin, Paris. This was strictly for those privileged few who could afford the car of the future while living in the present.

The Brougham marked industry firsts in all sorts of technological advances and luxury: Air Ride suspension, electronic memory seat position system, an automatic starting mechanism which will start the car without having to touch the key, automatic trunk opens, closes, locks and unlocks with a touch of a button in the glovebox, and of course, there were the usual full power assists with air conditioning. There were also many similarly unusual features to numerous to list. The Brougham had no options, aside from colors, which came in a wide variety. Everything was standard equipment.

This was the first and only time a concept "Dream" car from a major US auto maker was available to the public. In 1957 and 58 only 704 stainless steel top Eldorado Broughams were produced. This was the height of decadence, the ultimate personal luxury car. Unsurpassed even today, it still stands out as the best symbol of that exclusive dream in the world of mass produced fantasy!

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